Illegal Dumping Is Whack

photo of trash lot on shore

With so many resources out here in California, charities you can donate to, online swaps, marketplaces, thrift stores galore. Why do people dump their unwanted items on the curbside and in nature? I was pretty upset this morning driving down Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, someone dumped two couches on the side of the mountain, and a mattress that had been dumped a week or so previously was still there!

So I called SSF Scavenger, it’s not their territory so she referred me to the city. The number I was given told me to call Republic Services, in the end, I was able to report the illegally dumped items so they can be removed and properly disposed of. I did verify also that Republic Services does participate in Mattress Recycling, unfortunately, couches go into the landfills. If you see illegal dumping in progress, call the Police Department at (650) 992-1225. If you see items that were illegally dumped call Republic Services. Daly City before you dump call for your annual bulky items pickup it is FREE.

Illegal Dumping | Public Works – San Francisco
Illegal dumping is a growing challenge for the sidewalks of San Francisco, with debris such as furniture, mattresses and appliances left out on the …

San Francisco residents can call for bulky item pickup twice a year unless they live in a multifamily building, then the limit is once a year. Unlike Daly City, San Francisco residents can put up to 10 items in each collection request. If you see illegally dumped items, human feces or other tragic waste in SF just report it on 311.

Oakland you have not been forgotten. Let’s keep Oakland beautiful, report illegal dumping at 311OAK or call to report illegal dumping to Oakland Public Works at (510) 615-5566. Did you know that starting November 15, 2021, you can also do a FREE bulky item drop-off or call for pick up in Oakland (no limits listed)? All you have to do is call to schedule your pick-up.

If you live in San Mateo County and Rethink waste is your hauler do not fear you have bulky items collected twice a year as well! San Mateo residents can report illegal dumping you witness by calling the San Mateo Police Department at (650) 522-7700 or reporting discovered illegal dumping, to the Public Works Department. 

Illegal Dumping – City of Sacramento
Illegal dumping is a crime that is costly to the City and affects safety, property values, and quality of life. The City of Sacramento needs your help to …

Want more ways to get rid of hard to recycle items? Visit the Office of Sustainability to learn how to dispose of Hazard Waste and Electronics. Find out what’s recyclable and where to dispose of it.

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